About Us

A Brief History

The general purpose of this assembly is to establish and maintain the privilege of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


David’s tabernacle was noted for praise, therefore in agreement with Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16, the name Praise Tabernacle was chosen for this church. The word tabernacle means habitation. God said that He would return and rebuild the tabernacle of David that the residue of men might seek after the Lord. Therefore, Praise Tabernacle was founded on March 26, 2001.

The Calling

Pastor Barry and his wife Becky were called and chosen by God to build and Pastor a church in La Porte, Indiana. In May of 2000 the proprerty on Ohio street was purchased. A general contractor was hired and a steel building erected. Then it began. God sent one person after another to assist in the interior construction. Pastor Barry’s Dad helped him get started framing walls. His brother-in-law came and helped run electric. Friends came with friends of friends and even some friends of the family showed up at opportune times to lend a hand.

The Baptistry

We ordered a baptistry and when it arrived we could see it would be no easy task to install it with its circulation pump and heater. Pastor Barry and Becky were at the church alone trying to figure out how to run the water lines all the way across the building to where the baptistry now sat. Pastor looked at Becky and said God is going to have to help us with this. Then, not even 5 minutes later a big car pulls in the parking lot. A man named Joe, a friend of the family, walks in the door and says, “what are you doing? Let me see that!” Joe ran the water lines, plumbed the baptistry and installed the circulation pump and heater. Praise The Lord! He is so awesome!

The Church Pews

We had only a handful of folding chairs to start with. We found this to be true, “Where the Lord guides He provides.” Someone spotted pews for sale in a bargain finder paper. The pews were at a church in Chesterton so we took two trucks with trailers to go pick them up. Upon arrival at the church they said you can have the pews for $200. Again, I was blown away by God’s grace!

Opening Day

Come January of 2002 the dry wall was finished, the carpet was laid, the sound system was set up and all the city inspections were completed. On Sunday morning January 20, 2002 at 10:00am, we opened the doors for the first ever Praise Tabernacle Church of La Porte service. With 5 people in attendance Pastor Barry preached the first sermon using a garbage can turned upside down as his podium.

Adding On

Within 18 months the church grew and we needed more space for Sunday School. God had sent us more talented people who rolled up theirs sleeves to help build a two story addition on to the original church building. The downstairs became a fellowship hall and upstairs we built 3 large classrooms. What a Mighty God we serve!

Great Expectations

We have seen many people enter Praise Tabernacle some have stayed longer than others but they all experienced change and growth in God. We have found that LOVE turns the key to open new doors that God has set before us. All things work together for the good even when we can’t see the good! We strive to Trust and Believe in God following Him fully staying away from man’s agenda and keeping our eyes on the prize! Today, as we know, we have already entered “The End Time” and as that day of Christ’s return is fast approaching we remain on the edge of our seats watching to see what God will do next!

Contact us in La Porte, Indiana, to learn about our beliefs and history of our non-denominational Christian church.